The glorious spring weather propels the season forward and we struggle to keep up with nature's beck and call.  This last week the bees have been sitting out on their porch like it was August.  I can tell they are getting restless and want to expand their numbers.  If you are a beekeeper you are supposed to do something... Continue Reading →


Squash Growing Conditions

This year the squash got the best sunny spot in my garden, at least some of them did.  I like squash and they take space, so I tend to put hills wherever they might do well.  Besides the sunny patch, I have a few hills in a shady spot and one hill in a raised bed.  You... Continue Reading →

More Squash Practice – Differentiating Squash Species

Despite my patterned planting method to help identify the seedlings coming from seeds I plant, I still have trouble with confusing squash volunteers showing up in the hills.  This year I clearly noticed the interlopers only after blossoms were starting to set fruit.  However, I could have picked up the problems earlier if I had... Continue Reading →

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