Modifications to the IC-745 for the Digital Modes

The IC-745, like the older ICOMs, is built very robustly with parts that you can see without a magnifying glass, and which you can check with standard meters.  The schematics are available on-line, the old ICOMs come up for sale on e-bay regularly, and there are support groups on line to help out when problems... Continue Reading →


Comparing Receivers with Digital Mode Signals

I entered second heaven when I got my second radio.  My original 32-year-old Icom IC-745 got placed on the back shelf when the new 29-year-old Icom IC-751A arrived.  As much as I enjoyed the old IC-745, I was after a little computer control, and the 745 predates the idea that people use computers.  The 751A,... Continue Reading →

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