Variations on a Dipole

Here are the slides from a presentation I gave to the Valley Radio Club on August 4, 2017. Variations on a Dipole - Power Point Variations on a Dipole - PDF Antenna patterns are all about interference


Modifications to the IC-751A for the Digital Modes

Update 12/21/17: Added section on upgrading the reference crystal to a high stability OCXO clock. The 30 year old ICOM HF radios still have a bit of life in them if given the chance.  I've managed to work all of the states and more than 140 countries using the digital modes with my old IC-751A... Continue Reading →

Ham Lingo

Broadcasting's use of abbreviations and obscure notation started with the original radio-men, when every character required some pain to transmit.  Today's tweeters and texters have invented their own slang for much the same reason, but without the long linguistic history that accompanies radio lingo. When you first enter the ham world, you have to cross the language... Continue Reading →

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