Burning Man Art Encounter

I've been slow getting things on the blog for a while now;  from September... The DateTrike returned for its second trip to Black Rock City again this year.  With smoke in the valley, we headed for the dust. It was a fun time, as is usually the case for the world's biggest art party. We... Continue Reading →


Totality Awsome

The last time the moon cast its shadow on my part of the planet was in 1979 on a dreary day in Seattle.  I noticed that the rain was darker that morning, but otherwise the occasion was uneventful.  This time around Ellen managed an invitation to watch the ecplise and make music with some friends... Continue Reading →

DateTrike Debut

Ellen and I came up with the DateTrike concept after our experience with our Burning Man quadricycle demonstrated the pleasure of side-by-side tandem traveling.  What was missing from the quad, cobbled together from a pair of mountain bikes, was performance.  The quad was a lot of fun, but it was hokey even before we put the Hokey Spoke lights on... Continue Reading →

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